What are hill tribes?

Northern Thailand is home to seven government recognized ethnic minorities or hill tribes that have migrated from Tibet, China and Burma. They are the Karen, Lahu, Hmong, Lisu, Akha, Mien, and Padaung tribes. They live in mountainous areas above 1000 meters dotting the sides of the northern Thai mountains. Each hill tribe has retained their own customs, language, dress and spiritual beliefs and many have no written language. To some Thai nationals, many members of these ethnic communities are considered undesirable. Consider this, the average hill tribe individual lives on less than $1 U.S. a day– 12 times less than what an average Thai citizen makes in one day. Sometimes villagers move to the city in hopes of finding work and a better life but with little education and no knowledge of the Thai language, most find life in the city extremely challenging. Many Thai schools do not accept hill tribe children and in cases where they do, the children are given little support with the costs of schooling and materials.

Who are we?

Our company is overseen by a socially conscious Board of Directors who tap into their individual expertise to responsibly guide our 2016 initiatives. These initiatives will be implemented within remote villages throughout Asia by members of our tribal communities and overseen by our Field Manager and tribal translators.