Our mission



The Christopher Robert Project’s mission is dedicated to providing supports and services within the underserved, indigenous hill tribes of Asia. Our organization exists because of a strong belief that upward social mobility be accessible to all regardless of income or social status. We envision a lifetime of clean water and access to current public health advisories for Thailand’s underserved hill tribes.


The Christopher Robert Project’s goal is to help eradicate preventable water-borne diseases in Thailand’s remote hill tribe villages by providing WASH education to adults and children. We expect village residents to become self-sufficient in attaining their humanitarian right to clean water. Residents will learn to assemble their own CR-BSF kits in the hope that they will pass that knowledge on to other villages in need. The elected village water committee will assist their village in maintaining filters and direct any issues to the Christopher Robert Project field team.


Globally, every 90 seconds a child dies of a water-related illness. We believe our villages deserve not only the knowledge of public health advisories, but also to have access to safe water. We believe money shouldn't determine health and those who live in poverty should be aware of the public health advisories distributed by their government. The CR Project’s vision is to provide current access to public health advisories and safe water to Thailand’s tribal communities.