About Us

An international relief and humanitarian organization

The Christopher Robert Project, Corp is an American 501(c)3 international relief and humanitarian organization working to overcome poverty, exclusion and illiteracy. Their integrated self-development and relief initiatives are primarily concerned with three areas of need:

  • English Language Education
  • Public Health
  • Medical Crisis Intervention

The CR Project continually works to provide necessary supports and services to remote underserved tribal villages. With assistance from our village residents, volunteers and kind donors we not only introduce pertinent initiatives but also communicate with village elders on the specific needs of their village.

The Beginning

The idea of The Christopher Robert Project was conceived when Lynn and Rip Verniero traveled to Thailand in search of a renewed purpose after the loss of their only child, Christopher. In 2011 they trekked to a remote, hill tribe village in northern Thailand where they stayed with a hill tribe couple of the Lahu tribe and their four young children. They noticed the youngest child of 17 months was unable to stand on his own.

Since their son Christopher had used a wheelchair, Lynn and Rip were very sensitive to mobility issues and felt uncertain as to this child’s future. In a secluded jungle village, no access to medical care and no way to pay, this little boy had two options; stay in a bamboo hut his whole life or crawl through mud and rocks to get to where he wants to go. Almost immediately Lynn and Rip knew what needed to be done. They met with the headman and tribal elders for permission to take the family out of the village for the first time ever to seek help. Everyone agreed.

The orthopedic consultation confirmed everyone’s fears. The child would never bear weight without immediate orthopedic intervention. The recommendation was an inpatient series of bi- lateral long-leg castings for twelve weeks. After the hospitalization the boy would need leg braces, ongoing physical therapy and follow-up appointments for three years. Lynn and Rip were able to mobilize members of a local Karen hill tribe for assistance with communication and transportation throughout the three year follow-up. In November 2015, The CR Project completed the final village visit and found this child running throughout his village with friends. The Christopher Robert Project was officially formed in 2012. Lynn and Rip’s renewed purpose was realized when they achieved non-profit, tax-exempt status in 2015.