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Jungle Water Adventures

The Christopher Robert Project’s Safe Water Initiative is dedicated to providing safe water and distributing public health information in the villages we serve. We envision lifetime access to safe drinking water and public health information for Thailand’s remote tribal communities.


It was in six small villages that the Christopher Robert Project realized a great need. Children were showing up for English classes sick most of the time, young people were dying unexpectedly from unknown illness and the diagnosed kidney problems of one headman required surgery. His doctor warned him against drinking any water from the village water supply. Hill tribe people make about $1 a day so for many, medical care and surgery are out of their reach. Even buying bottled water is something most villagers cannot afford. The residents who can afford to buy bottled water do, the others must drink what’s available. An overwhelming majority of residents voiced suspicions over the safety of their water. This concerned the founders so they collected water samples for analysis at Chiang Mai University, Science and Technology Service Center. As it turned out, the residents had good reason to worry, all samples indicated a serious problem with the village water. Read more…


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